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So I've got another challenge for you guys.

We're all influenced by dreams. Our dreams mean something. So I want you to draw one of your dreams. Maybe it's a recurring dream you've had. Maybe it's one you had as a small child. Maybe it's a nightmare, or maybe your happiest memory. Maybe you understand what this dream means (If so, please explain it!) or maybe you're still trying to interpret it. Maybe it's realistic, maybe it's surreal, and maybe it isn't a sleep dream but a vision that came to you during the day.

So I want you to do your best to draw it and explain the story of the dream/vision. Explain its significance to you, the effect it's had on you. Has it inspired you in any way? Do you know what it means? Are you trying to interpret it?

The reason I want to do a challenge like this is because I wish I could make everyone a winner, but I can't. And I know you all put in a lot of effort. So I'm only half judging based on the drawings themselves. The other half is based on the stories/explainations behind the dreams. Make them long and detailed if you want! I love a good story and don't mind doing a lot of reading!


I hope to see the dreams portrayed as accurately as possible, but if anything in your dreams violates TheO rules, please censor it.

As usual, you may submit as many entries as you want, but if one of your submissions is a winner, your others won't be.

Try to make it as detailed as possible, both in your art and your story/interpretation.

Um...that's pretty much it. I mean, these are YOUR dreams, not mine...I don't want to make to many rules and hinder your ability to accurately portray them. As usual, winners each recieve a gift. I wish I could give you more, but I'm so stretched for time. Good luck, all! I can't wait to see your entries!

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