angluvdeath 10 sketches

EDIT; you are allowed to do more than 10, but no less than 10.
i noticed this "free sketches" epidemic going around so i decided to make a challenge.
EDIT:Please decicate your entries to me so i can notice them faster and easier
The Challenge:
- all you have to do is draw 10 sketches (on 1 page), but these ten sketches should follow a certain theme. whatever theme you want is fine.
- EXAMPLE (c)[email protected] your submissions should look similar to this, the only difference is yours should have a theme.

  • no yaoi/yuri (shounen ai/shojo ai)
  • follow theO rules
  • you can have as many entires as you want
  • you need to include the theme in your description or title
  • you are allowed to draw digitally, however you are not allowed to color your sketches, because its an unfair advantage because some people can only draw traditional. I have decided to allow coloring since i have received traditional entries that are colored, so its only fair.


  • 3rd place: a gift
  • 2nd place: a requested sketch
  • 1st place: a gift and a requested colored picture (by coloring pencil sorry my tablets broken)

    If there are any questions please comment or send me a PM

  • Deadline
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