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Not sure if I needed a category or not, but it's not just limited to anime/manga.

I feel that with the boom of Digital Art, Traditional Art has taken the backseat. (Of course, that is just my opinion.)

My challenge is what it says on the tin--create traditional fan art/original art.

1) All theOtaku rules apply.
2) Traditional Art only--that means no photoshop, no paint (either programs), no SAI.
3) Three entries max (if you enter more, I will disqualify all after the third.)
4) Dedicate all to me (unless it's meant for someone else, and you just wanted to enter my contest. If that's not the case, and you still submit without a dedication, I will disqualify.)
5) You may do fan art for anything, but if it doesn't have its own label (like... you have to put it under "Other ______"), be sure to tell me where it comes from. On the other hand, if it's an OC, there's no need to tell me (unless you don't tag it as such.)
6) Color not required, but preferred.

Any questions? Feel free to ask~ (Sorry if my rules are strict--after my last contest, the Homestuck one, I was shocked to find many entries the day before the contest ended.)

~How it looks compared to the original (it should resemble the base a bit.)

1st: 3 Fan art requests, gold medal.
2nd: 2 Fan art requests, gold medal.
3rd: Fan art request, gold medal.

* Prizes subject to change. (If you play PF, I'd be willing to give you something from there.)

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