Shonen Jump Challenge!

First off Thank you to Everyone who participated in my last challenge Blue Exorcist Challenge! All the artwork was amazing others I asked to help me judge and I had such a hard time picking winners cause they were all so great! So Thank you all again!

My new challenge, a Shonen Jump challenge!
I want you to draw a picture of a character or characters from Any Series that has been/or currently is in Shonen Jump! Draw them anyway you want as long as it doesn't break any TheOtaku Rules so behave yourselves.

Meaning Chibi, Paper Children, Traditional art, Digital Art, Not colored, no background etc is Okay
And YES you can enter as many submissions as you want. heck I'll even send you a gift for each additional fanart you submit to the challenge.

But if you have a Question Ask~!

I'm sure most of you know some series run by Shonen Jump such as Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, Death Note, Bakuman, Gintama, Shaman King, Black Cat, Etc, but if not go HERE for a long list of them.


Like always I get a couple friends to vote for the best drawing based off 8 Key items and by a point system if you want a full description of this go HERE. But Basically their judged by how Unique and the effort put in. if it looks like you took two minutes to draw a character or it looks like an identical drawing from the manga I'm just not as interested.


1st Place 3 Fanarts, Ecards or wallpapers, 3 Gifts and standard ribbon.

2nd Place 2 fanarts, Ecards or wallpapers, 2 Gifts and standard ribbon.

Third Place 1 fanart, Ecard or wallpaper, 1 gift and standard ribbon.

You have 2 Months~!

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