Abyssal Graces

Anyway, another Tales challenge out of me in a pathetic attempt to raise awareness of the series. By Johnny Yong Golly, it's awesome.
Not really.

As some of you may or may not know, the 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss and the PS3 title Tales of Graces f will be released in North America in the coming months. I guess this also goes for the ongoing release of the Abyss anime over here too. The challenge here is simple: draw any of the characters from either of those two games. Bonus points if you draw Johnny Yong Penguin, the greatest penguin of all time. Not really.

You get two months. That means this should end about a week before Tales of Graces f gets released.

By the way, for those of you in Europe, Abyss 3DS is already released there...it's just really hard to find according to people. Graces f won't drop over there until summer.

To help along with people who haven't played either game, I'll be linking art of the main characters to move things along.

Tales of the Abyss (NA Release 2/14/2012; English Trailer; Japanese Trailer)

Tales of Graces f (NA Release 3/13/2012; English Trailer; Japanese Trailer)

Those are not your only choices of course. If you want to do a villain or other NPC and need a reference, ask in the comments as I may be able to help. If not, I apologize ahead of time.
Remember, this lasts two months.

Now for rules.

  • Draw any character within the Tales of the Abyss/Graces f canon. That means any of the main characters, NPCs, villains, who/whatever.
  • No characters from Tales games other than Tales of the Abyss or Tales of Graces f.
  • No OCs either.
  • Any medium is fine. I don't care if it's traditional, digital, or what.
  • Make sure the picture is within the rules of the site and that it's your own work.
  • You get as many entries as you want, so feel free to draw stuff from both games.
  • Though if you only wish to do one picture and include characters from both games, I'm fine with that too.

As for prizes...well, I'll come up with those later.

And that ends my Challenge description. Happy drawing or something?

Edit: Congrats to the winners. :3 I'll work on prizes sometime later.

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