Rein Akira Pretty*Boy Challenge Slam!

I’ll say this now, I originally wasn’t intending to do this, but when I saw the Challenge Slam, I thought that it’d be ok to submit this challenge because it’s pretty easy to do and it’ll add another challenge to the list.

So, here’s my challenge to you!

Challenge: Draw your favorite character from my original comic “Pretty*Boy!”

What is Pretty*Boy?

Well, as it says above, it is an original comic written and drawn by me. It follows the life of a teen-aged boy named Daichi and all his wonderfully violent and, let’s admit it, promiscuous high school adventures.
Chapter one is completely uploaded here on TheO, so if you’ve read it already, you can start right away! If you haven’t read it yet, SHAME ON YOU! And here’s a link!

Click here to read Pretty*Boy!

Character Descriptions:

• Daichi: Red hair, golden eyes
• Yuuhi: Black/Purple hair blue eyes
• Shoko: Red hair, golden eyes
• Yoshi: Golden-orange hair, purple eyes
• Fuji-perv: Black hair, dark brown eyes
• Atsuko: Light brown hair, crimson eyes


• Please respect TheO’s submission rules.
• Nothing pornographic. Sexy, yes, porno, no.
• You may have yaoi/yuri, but nothing hard-core.
• Please, if you decide to draw them, DO NOT draw Daichi and Shoko in an incestuous relationship. Shoko is not romantically in love with Daichi, she just has a platonic brother complex.
• Be creative! Feel free to give them cool outfits or make them into princes and princesses : P
• Please dedicate the piece to me so I can look at it right away!


• Creativity
• Character Likeness (whether or not the character is recognizable)
• Effort (I will go back into your portfolio and look at the first page of your fanart to see, in comparison, how much effort was put into the picture.)
• Artistry (This is a small percentage of points in my book. As long as you try hard, it’s successful to me.)

And now what you’ve been waiting for, the PRIZES!


1st Place: 1 Custom Card, 1 Custom Background, and One 10-20 page comic of your choice. Yes, this prize is BIG. You can choose for the comic to be a fan comic; maybe you want your favorite paring in a romantic situation. Or it could be a comic containing your own original characters. You can even give me the story line you wish to see, but you have to remember, it is just a short one-shot.

2nd Place: 1 Custom Card, 1 Custom Background, 1 Colored Illustration.

3rd Place: 1 Custom Card, 1 Colored Illustration.

**Now, for this one instance, all prizes can be Yaoi/Yuri, just nothing hard-core.

Well, I hope the prizes encourage you to enter and do your best! Have fun!


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