Crazy thinga-ma-jig.

Challenge over. Thanks to all whom participated! I wanted to choose everyone as a winner because all of you were very unique and original. Unfortunately we can only choose three though. Well, with the amount of entries, I just might make another challenge someday soon. Hope to see you all again.

I know I said I'd pretty much never make another one, but if you read the newest update... I kinda have to in order to possibly save a feature from going away. That is my only motivation for this challenge, because if a feature does go away and it's one I like, I will be deleting this account no questions asked. So please make challenges too and enter alot of them if you don't want to risk me leaving... or do it for your own sake. Well, since things have gotten pretty crazy around here lately with goals and such... especially this new one. This was the reason for this challenge. It's pretty simple, just do the following:

1. Create an original anime character from your own imagination.
2. It can be human, semi-human, even a animal that doesn't exist.
3. Will be judged according to theotaku rules and for it's originality along with attention to detail.

That's pretty much it. Sorry it's not very original... but when I pretty much get forced to do something... I'm not in the mood for originality. Also sorry that the only prize you'll be getting for this one is the automatic medals. Reason being that I've got to focus my attention to the other challenges and won't have time for other things...

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