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I’ve been thinking of making a Fire Emblem challenge for a long time now, and what better time to do it than during the Challenge Slam!

Fire Emblem is one of my favorite game series and I know there are lots of fans out there, so let’s see some FE fan art! Nothing too complicated here – you can draw characters from any FE game you wish, and you can draw as many as you want (singles, couples, groups). Crossover pictures are fine too, so feel free to mix games.

-Only Fire Emblem characters are allowed
-You may only draw FE OC’s if at least one canon character is also included in the picture
-You may draw yourself as the tactician from FE7 if you choose
-No yaoi/yuri or anything like that
-Keep it PG please!
-Black and white, color, digital, and traditional are all welcome
-You may enter as many times as you want, but you are only eligible for one prize

Also, I won't hold you to this one, but please put the character name(s) and game title(s) they are from in the description. It'll help me out if they are from one of the games I haven't played.

1st Place – Full color picture of a Fire Emblem character of your choice
2nd Place – Full color portrait (just head and shoulders) of a Fire Emblem character of your choice
3rd Place – Pencil drawing of a Fire Emblem Character of your choice
*Note that Fire Emblem OC’s are eligible choices for these drawings

I’ll give you two months. Have fun with it!

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Princes of Light and Dark ~Wakusei Aoshi
Don't Unhand Me, Kent ~superstarpanou
Franz ~moonlit dream
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