a Little Request!

Hey everyone! Here is my second challenge. Ths one may be easier!

Draw my characters, but, it can't be any characters, it can only be these three
These three!
You do not have to draw all three though, oh no, no worries about drawing all of them :3 Also usually do not draw like that! But i wanted to try out a new style.

Anyways here is a little bio for each character

Joseph Lee- Cool (lol), laidback, doesnt smile a lot, Johns best friend (he acts weird sometimes with him sometimes though...)

John Karter- Happy, Nerdy, smiles a lot, Josephs best friend

Calix (Cal) Demi- Worried, nervous, he crys a lot (He has only cried once or twice infront of John and Joseph), sad

If you need to know anything just ask

Rules! YAY
~ You can only draw these three characters, unless you want a character to meet another than thats fine


~ You can do it traditionally, digitally, no colour, coloured, I don't mind!

~ You can draw yaoi if you like, but please, nothing to intense, kay?

~ You CAN gender-bend, just NO yuri

~ It can be funny, romantic, sad, anything! What do you like to draw?

~ I would prefere if you kept their outfits, but hey! Change them if you like!

~ These are my characters, so give credit where crdit is due, if you are using anyother persons character or anything, give credit please!

And think thats all the rules!

If you have ANY questions, just ask!

Prizes, will be discussed!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have fun in this challenge, oh and if I invited you, you don't need to enter, kay?
And it I didnt invite you... I am so sorry! It's not because your lesser than anyone, or I do not want you to join, its just, im... um... I dunno D: So if you want to join, then feel free to, as long as you know how to draw even a stick man, JOIN! ^^ (yeah that made sense... Yeah....)

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The Cool and Nerdy ~Rein Akira
Joseph and John ~IyamiNaHamusutaa
the Little Request Entriee (Sketch) ~Kaagemusha
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