Starscream Self Insertion: Challenge 2

It may be Mary Sueish/Gary Stuish, but I'm sure we have all wanted to do a nice self-insertion pic or two with those hot looking characters out there. [/Big kid/Dork moment] So, I decided to do a series of challenges based on self insertion. What I'd like is for anyone who joins this one to keep their eyes peeled for the next one, as each challenge will be (In essence) a story. The theme this time?

'Hanging Out!'

What I want you to do is draw yourself and your favourite character after agreeing to hang out together.


Obviously, this is the first time you will hang out. I'm not looking for full on romance, as it's rather unrealistic. Just a simple pic will do. (Maybe some one sided blushing or something. Up to you.

No nudity, or mature themes.

Coloured, uncoloured, background, no background. Your choice.

You may enter as many times as you like as long as each entry is a different character. (We don't want to see 5 pics of say... You hanging out with Edward from FMA. Plus this gives you chance to show love to all your favourite characters.)

New work ONLY please. Do not re-submit old work or it will be disqualified.

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7deadlyhomunculi LawlietLover13 ChiyukiChan VolcanicWolf lilylily09 SoundScapeAbyss
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Hanging Out with Sebastian! ~MangaKid
Dont' Race a Wolf XD ~kita mikichi
A day with allen walker ~
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