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Huh, could I come up with a lamer title? I probably could have.. Do you care? No, not really.


SO, I have decided to create another challenge cause I finally decided on one :P So let me explain..

I would like you to draw what you would look like if you entered a anime o3o It's pretty simple. And no, it doesn't have to look like you at all, like for example--me. IF I were to enter a anime, I would be tall, longer hair, different eye color, probably kitty ears and a tail, annndd.. I could fly. *shot* But that's kinda lame, so do something more than a kitty human who can fly? :'D

What I really want is creativity :D Change as much or little as you like.

Rules (Yeah, I'll make them short and to the point)

  • Keep it to theO guide lines, I shouldn't have to state, but I will.
  • Please include a little summary of why you would look like that (ex: I have kitty ears cause I'ma cat and I luves them...)
  • What other rules usually go here anyway?
  • Submit as many as you would like
  • Doesn't have ta be colored, but colors and backgrounds are lovely <3
  • Don't know how, but yaoi and yuri can be shown in the pic, just PG13~

Let me know if I forgot something...

Umm.. If you win.. You win, congratz. (no prizes unless I have time, sorries.)

And if I invited you, you don't have to participate~


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