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Hello fellow Otakus~

This here is my 3rd challenge that I hope interests more than 10 So read on:

What you do in this challenge is draw anything you want, but there's a can't draw it in pencil.O . O.... I know, you're thinking, "But how can I erase if I make a mistake?" But it doesn't have to be perfect and it can be any medium as long as it's not in pencil. It can be all one color, or in different colors. Make it pretty or bloody or mystical, whatever you choose.:3


  • Of course follow theO rules. Nothing bad :P

    You can use markers, pens, colored pencils, crayons, charcoal, or whatever you have. Remember, NO PENCIL. (hint: use gray or black colored pencil to shade)

    If you do use colored pencil to shade, let me know so I don't think it is pencil considering some scanners make it darker than it should

    You can also use paint, SAI, photoshop or GIMP (or something else..dunno what's out there x3) if you'd like. Cuz there's no pencil there.

    No cheating! If you know picnik, then you know there's a coloring thing on there that makes things one color and yeah...don't use that please. I'd like to have original colors and such. Thank you :3

    Do your best and have fun~

If you need help or have question just ask. I know a couple artists on here that use no pencil, just colored pencils and whatnot.


No one really asked for what they want from my previous whoever wins first, second and third, just tell me if you want anything, if not, then well prizes are basically useless :P

Other than that, you all have 2 months. I hope this challenge isn't too challenging ^~^ lol


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