Blue Exorcist Challenge!

Alright I want you to draw a character/s from Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist.

That's all I'm asking you to do, you can draw you're favorite character, or one of your friends favorites character. Or My favorite character.

And you can draw them which ever way you'd like, Digitally, Traditionally, As Chibi's, colored or not. draw them however you want doing whatever you want... as long as it doesn't break any of TheOtaku rules that is.
Questions? Ask me.

Drawings will be judged by who drew my favorite character. Just kidding, I always get a couple friends to vote for the best drawing based off 8 Key items and by a point system if you want a full description of this go HERE. But Basically their judged by how Unique and the effort put in. if it looks like you took two minutes to draw a character or it looks like an identical drawing from the manga I'm just not as interested.

Prizes for Winners
I'm feeling Generous this time
1st Place: 6 month Premium Status Upgrade, 3 Fanarts, Ecards or wallpapers, 3 Gifts and standard ribbon.
2nd Place: 1 month Premium Status Upgrade, 2 fanarts, Ecards or wallpapers, 2 Gifts and standard ribbon.
3rd Place: 1 fanart, Ecard or wallpaper, 1 gift and standard ribbon.
[Note]: these gifts will only be given out if there are more than atleast 5 submissions by different people.

I'll give you 2 months~!

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Blue Exorcist
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