Rain Fall Master Calling Keyblade Wielding OC's

What's this? Another challenge to draw Kingdom Heart OC's? But they're so fun!

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...okay and I'm kicking off this challenge to celebrate a Forum I just opened up {Shameless plug: Keyblade Conservatory for Aqua and the other Keyblade Masters post-post-KHII to train up apprentices /shameless plug}

So the challenge is to draw one or more of your KH OCs that wield Keyblades (for multiple OCs you may draw them together in one entry or have separate entries for each character) If you've drawn them before, that's okay, draw them in a different scene/pose that you may have been looking for an excuse to draw them like such!

Pretty simple right? We'll spice it up by giving bonus points for character design (how simple or complex is the design? Is it tasteful? If not, is it suppose to be distasteful?) and KEYBLADE design! Bonus for color, and bonus points for backgrounds (can bee surreal to fit the character's personality or a scene).

Also, I'd like to know a bit more about your OC's! Things they like, dislike, if they have a Favorite World, Backstory for sure! So please include a description of your character in the description when you submit it. If you need help, I can can provide you with a character sheet. (or you can use this one as a base and alter it to fit what you want to say about your character)

Gold medals will go to the top drawings that show the most effort ~ proportions, details, color, background design, description, etc.

p.s. A submission here will count for the first part of your Master Qualifications Exam on my Land of Departure world for those of you who are a part of that or would like to join ;)

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