chocolatemud Your Favorite Anime Creeper!!

ok so i have been wanting to make a challenge for a while now and have thought of a few ideas! so in celebration of my upgrade i am making a challenge WOOHOO!!

ok so a creeper can mean a few things, either the character is a pervert, a killer (or something like that) or just someone that crreps you out by looking at their face.

EXAMPLES! (you can use any of these examples if you want)
Kintaro from Golden Boy
Niijima from Kenichi
Gin from Bleach
Izaya from Durarara
Jirayia from Naruto

its not only guys that are creepers i am pretty sure that there are some girls out there that are perverted and creepy too and those are perfectly fine ^^

just theO standards i trust you guys to follow them
traditional or digital is a-ok by me
you can have up to 2 or 3 creepers in your art for a crossover
and you can have 2 to 3 submissions
mostly just have fun and be creative!

PS. could you please dedicate it to me so i can see the updates but if there is someone that you really want to dedicate it to that i fine by me ^^

and now the moment you all have been waiting for!!
PRIZES! haha sadly since i am so busy it is hard for me to do this but my very nice friend has volunteered to help me!


  • first place will get a colored fanart (by me) and a wallie (by my friend)
  • second prize will be a uncolored fanart (by me) and an avatar (by my friend)
  • third prize will be a gift and a wallie (by my friend)

if anyone has any questions asking if a certain charater is qualified as a creeper or anything at all just ask i will answer your question the best i can!

Hope that people like and join this challenge @[email protected]

oh and i am giving one month because i thought this would sort of fit around halloween so if it ends around halloween thats cool! and 2 because YOU CAN DO IT!!! i know you can! let your minds go wild with all those creepers XD
and i hope you have fun!!

EDIT:i am going to keep this open for a day or two more for last minute entries :)

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