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Hello, people from this our town of... theOtaku...
Guess what is coming faster than the speed of light? Subatomic particles Halloween!! Yes, yes, yes! And since Halloween is coming, I thought about creating this Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas challenge.

The challenge(s):
You can choose one or more from these challenges:

☆ Draw Jack the way you imagine he was when he was... you know... not dead.

- Put your imagination to the test! How do you think Jack would look if he was alive?
- Dress him the way you want.
- You can include other characters too.

☆ Draw Jack in other holiday town (other than Christmas).

- For example, you can draw Jack and Sally in the town of Valentine's Day.
- You can dress Jack (and the other characters) however you want.
- Since it'll be in another holiday town, I'd like to see some objects or places specific to the holiday you choose. I don't necessarily ask for a full background, but at least draw some representative things of that holiday (objects, outfit).
- Also I don't care if it's a holiday I never heard of. If your country has a specific holiday you'd like to use, feel free to share it with us!
- You can draw other characters with Jack, if you want to (even OCs or characters from a favourite anime).

☆ Draw your favourite character(s) from Nightmare Before Christmas with your OC(s) or a favourite anime/manga character in a Halloween theme.

- The usual: Halloween costumes, pumpkins, bats in the moonlit night... everything Halloween-related is allowed here.
- I give you this possibility too, because maybe some of you would want to draw something Halloween-related.

☆ Traditional and digital art are both allowed.
☆ I don't mind if it's coloured or not.
☆ You can draw in your own style (especially for "Jack alive" challenge)
☆ Of course, you can participate even if you're not a TNBC fan.
☆ Number of submissions accepted: unlimited. That means that if you want to choose two or all the challenges, you can do it. Every submission will be judged separately and will have no influence on the other ones from the same user, but one user can only win one prize. (So if I choose you as one of the winners, I will choose your best art.)
☆ Leave any questions in a comment, or send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

☆ Do your best and have fun at the same time!
☆ I guess it's obvious, since it's a moral rule and a theO rule as well, but post your own art. In other words: don't steal other people's work.
☆ Please, no yaoi and no hentai. (I don't know how can anyone make The Nightmare before Christmas and yaoi/hentai be related, but I've seen some unimaginable things lately, so I thought I should specify that I don't want to ruin the image of Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas in my head.)
☆ This challenge is related to The Nightmare Before Christmas, so there must be at least a character from TNBC in your fanart, otherwise I'll disqualify you. I'm sure there'll be many other Halloween challenges for which you can draw only OCs and favourite anime/manga characters ^o^

Prizes: (hopefully there will be enough submissions for all the prizes <- read as "please join")
☆ First place: A coloured digital art of your choice with background (example) and a gift
☆ Second place: A coloured digital art without background and a gift
☆ Third place: A shaded pencil sketch of your choice (example) and a gift
☆ All the other participants will receive: a gift and a special speedy sketch as consolation prize
!!! Important: I won't draw hentai or any +18 yaoi.

Choosing the winners:
☆ The art itself is important, of course, but I won't judge only how good you are as an artist. In other words, it doesn't matter if you think your drawing sucks.
☆ Creativity and imagination play the main part in this challenge.
☆ I will take into account the challenge you choose too when rating a submission. Because "Jack alive" and "Other holiday town" challenges seem to be a little harder and require more imagination/creativity, those arts will get extra points.

The day before Halloween. You have one month ^o^ v
When the challenge is over, I will PM the winners (and the other participants) to ask about the prizes. If I fail in messaging you, PM me to remind me.

Useful links: (for those who don't know what I'm talking about)
The Nightmare Before Christmas on Wikipedia - yes, I know, Wikipedia sucks, but it's better than nothing
The Nightmare Before Christmas on IMDb
Jack's wikipedia page - info about Jack, because I've mentioned him quite a lot

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