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Hey guys, I thought that this would be fun to try. I hope more people would get involved. =D Whether I'll host any more contests will depend on this.

The rules are simple, from each of the following lists, pick ONE option from each category and get creative =D Open to anyone.

Cboose ONE from the following series (characters in brackets are my favourites, but you can draw any other character. No character number limit):
- Axis Powers Hetalia (Germany, N. Italy, Japan, UK, Austria, Greece, Russia, France, Hungary, Little America, Chibitalia, Holy Roman Empire)
- Togainu no Chi (Akira, Motomi, Rin, Nano, Shiki, Arbitro, Kiriwar and Gunzi)
- Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ (Konoe, Rai, Asato, Bardo, Shui, Kaltz)
- sweet pool (Youji, Tetsuo, Makoto, Zenya, Kitani)
- Devil May Cry (Dante, Nero, Vergil, Trish, Lady)
- Phoenix Wright (Miles Edgeworth, Klavier Gavin, Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Trucy Wright, Mia Fey)
- Wild Adapter (Tokito and Kubota)
- Kateikyo Hitman REBORN! (both present time and TYL version: Dino, Hibari, Tsuna, Fuuta, Yamamoto, Gokudera, Squalo, Tsuna maman and papan ;w;)
- Final Fantasy (VII onwards, though I'm also very fond of Dissidia's version of Onion Knight)

Now choose another ONE from the following food:
- cake
- pasta
- candy
- onigiri
- cookies
- cheese
- wine

TWO from the following props must be included:
- knife
- jewel
- scarf
- hat
- frying pan
- flowers
- glasses
- book
- dress
- glass

Lastly, pick ONE of the following settings:
- forest
- cafe
- city
- character's room (if they have any)
- steam punk setting
- castle
- heaven or hell
- a church
- beach

So for example, if I picked Final Fantasy+cake+flowers+frying pan+church, I have to draw something with ALL the elements I've chosen incorporated somehow into the picture. It can be applied abstractly, I want to see just how creative this can get. Multiple submissions are allowed, but always try to exercise quality over quantity =D All images submitted should comply to the terms of submissions of theOtaku. Any traces or copies will make me very pissed off OTL

I am offering chibi requests as prizes for the three winners. I'll be choosing winners based on:
- Best art
- Most creative
- Funniest

Due in APRIL.

Which means that a person can win more than once, meaning they can win more than one chibi requests; but all entries shall be judged fairly. Hope to see people taking part! If there's less than 5 people involved then this challenge will be cancelled ;w; Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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