jkhkitty My First Five!!!

(why am i doing this? i still owe four fanarts and a video.... oh, right, motivation to get them done before more are piled on...)

ok, so i recently created my first five OC's. however, i'm to lazy to draw their costumes. that is what i want you guys to do. make costumes for them.


1. only one OC costume at a time, plz

2. you can have as many entries as you want

3. feel free to play with skin color, just remember who is related to who

4.please don't copy and paste the oc's head onto the costume. draw it yourself or don't draw it at all. please.

5. make sure you label who it is for in the title or in the description.

6. be creative with the time period. it can be anything. just not cavemen. *shivers*

7. feel free to enter up to a gazzilion times!


there will be five winners. i will chose the five costumes i like the most. you probably won't win twice, but if you made two that i'm in madly inlove with, it's a possiblity. i will list you guys on my world "blunderful" kk?

as for the sites traditional three, all of you will have your costumes chosen. and i'll dedicate a fan art with each oc wearing your outfit. there will be a first place, but second and third have a pretty level playing field. so don't be upset if you wanted second and got third. it's the same thing.

here's the link to mah oc's....

oh, if you can't read the things i wrote on the pic, there's the basic "need-to-know" info typed up top. and their song is the the song that inspired the character.


P.s.- you have 2 months!

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mimi costume ~xianlee
Dante ~Natsu nii
Skillet ~NadjaWolf
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