clueless101 Create Your Own Super Hero

That’s right I want you all to make your own super hero. It doesn’t matter what they look like it can even be more then one super hero just as long as you made up the character. In the info give me their bio, what their super power is, how they became a super hero etc…

As always there are rules
-They have to be original
-your art doesn’t have to be colored but it would be nice
-Bio and such must me included but it doesn’t have to be on the picture
-having fun is always a good thing
-if you get frustrated with it then walk away for a while and come back don’t fret about it you have three months to complete this challenge

So those are the rules any questions please ask and yes you can have more then one entry yes you can work with someone else on this if you wish please tell me who your partner is if their on theo so they can have an equal share in the prize. You have an unlimited amount of entries. SO I wish you all the best and good luck your time starts after I finish this sentence….now!!

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Superhero Psyche ~Artgrrl
Anastasia the Black Czarina ~Alchemic Mushroom
Superhero! ~byakuyarox1
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