twilight samurai Greatest Anime Character EVER!!

I'm pretty sure most of you all are pretty familiar with the "Greatest Anime Character Tournament" occurring of late, right? There's a wallpaper challenge hosted by my friend going on now, but since I can't do wallpapers myself (not real effectively), why not do a fan art challenge? ^^;

So this is a pretty straightforward challenge: Draw an anime character whom you deem as the GREATEST EVER!

Additional rules:

  • Can be in traditional or contemporary format (drawn vs. computer)
  • No yaoi, yuri, hentai or nudity
  • Color is not necessary, but encouraged :)
  • INCLUDE a brief description of the character and WHY you think he/she is the greatest character of all time! <--- That's a "must"!
  • Dedicate it to me so I can track submissions better
  • Follow any other rules per the Otaku's policy

**Prizes are to be determined, but for the first place winner, I would like to make one of my goofy wallpapers featuring the winner's choice character. Runner-ups will receive a line art of their character (or some other of their choice).

Have fun and enter as many times as you would like! Tell your friends to participate! xD

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