WINNERS: First place goes to Chibi Grimmjow.
Right when I saw this one... I had a feeling it would end up being the winner. The Akatsuki as Organization 13 was perfect. I loved the idea and the pic was freakin' adorable. Some of the captions had me laughing as well. Always a plus. Congrats.

Second place goes to Sandwichinme. I, personally, would find it hard to place the Yu Yu Hakusho characters as one of the Hosts... but you did it very well. I'd actually have made Keiko be Haruhi but, it works. Haha. Love Koenma as the bunny. Coloring was excellent and having Kurama as Kyoya made my day. Nicely done.

And finally... Third place goes to HametsuKuro. The poses were great and Yuki looked gorgeous. Kyo looking pissed was very cute. You can't picture him any other way. The coloring was very nice. Good job.

That's it. Thanks to all that joined my Challenge. Winners, PM me and let me know what you'd like me to draw for you... if you'd like your drawings for winning.


Three winners.
+1st: Two Anime characters of your choice. Colored. They can be in the same picture or two separate ones.
+2nd: One Anime character of your choice. Colored.
+3rd: One Anime character of your choice. Lineart.

I'm more of a traditional pencil, sharpie/pen, colored pencil person and it's actually very rare for me to color my work. I'm better drawing with references but if you win, it's all up to you.

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Xemnas likes cosplaying :D ~Chibi Grimmjow
Hakusho Host club ~Sandwichinme
Sailor Fruits Basket ~HametsuKuro
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