moonlight maiden Final Fantasify yourself :D

Soo... how about a challenge that brings out your inner (or proudly pronounced) video game nerdiness :D

Da rules are simple:
1. Pick a stereotypical final fantasy character type, for instance a bard, or warrior, or one of the mage types... or even a summon!! that could be really cool... And draw yourself as it.

2. nudity should not be too graphic, there are some pretty skimpy outfit types in FF, so... uh... be careful with that...

3. doesn't have to be colored but to be honest it is widely preferred, by just about everybody... and any art style you see fit will work, so traditional, or computery, whatevs...

4. Follow site rules and uh... HAVE FUN!!! :D

Also I'm going to be mostly generous on time with this one,
so two months, because i hate to wait three, but i expect great work from you guys

Any questions (or problems/comments) you may have, submit in the comment box, but if you want your answer quicker send me a message.


oops completely forgot to mention prizes XD

everyone will of course get the ribbons for participating, along with the winner's ribbons

1st place: A dedicated picture of your fave character, inked, and in color, from your fave final fantasy game. (will be awesome I promise)

2nd place: A dedicated picture of your fave character from your fave ff game, inked. (will be very cool trust me)

3rd place: A dedicated picture of your fave character from your fave ff game, in chibi, (will be decent and better than nothing, it'll be good don't worry lol)

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Final Fantasy character ~mickyodragon
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