Annachuu Final Fantasy/Phoenix Wright challenge!

That's right, I want you guys to draw any character(s) from either:

  • Final Fantasy (VII to XII excluding XI, though I'll be lenient on Dissidia, it's easier to judge if it's a game I actually finished. Kingdom Hearts (all the ones ever released, I don't care if it's in Japanese or English) is fine too.)
  • or Phoenix Wright (Ace Attorney till Apollo Justice (1 to 4), I'd know more about Gyakuten Kenji if I could get my hands on the new release, but for now, no Gyakuten Kenji plz).
  • Crossovers are totally fine!

Sounds easy enough, right?

THE CATCH IS, you have to draw them based on one of the following videos:

(I like V6 a lot, what can I say? 8D)

It can be a scene from the video, the overall feel/setting/costumes, or even the lyrics of the song, just as long as you incorporate something from one (or more if you want) of the videos into the drawing. It can be as serious or as cracked as you want! You can draw and mix any characters from any of the series, just be creative! ^^

Translations of said lyrics can be found here (thanks to the following for their efforts):

Due in: The 14th August 2009

Prizes (other than the usual medals):
1st prize: 2 interacting chibis with background as per request (background will be "chibi-fied" to match chibi anyway)
2nd prize: 1 chibi with simple background (patterns, hearts etc) as per request
3rd prize: 1 chibi, no background as per request

(Please note that I won't draw anything sexual for prizes (why would you want any for chibis anyway?))

Chibi samples:

As usual, the prizes offer won't be valid if there isn't at least 5 entries.

Keep it fun! I look forward to your entries!♥

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