Be The Best Like No One Ever Was

I think that every kid who played Pokemon dreamed of someday leaving home to go on an adventure with the Pokemon they caught and raised. Well, here's your chance to draw it out!

For this challenge, I want you to draw yourself with your Pokemon. Be it a whole team or just one Pokemon, it's what you want it to be. Maybe you just won your first badge or just met one another. Maybe you took a trip to the Pokemon center after a tough battle. Maybe you just won your first Pokemon battle or are getting ready to challenge the Elite Four! Maybe you and your Pokemon are doing something more laid back like taking a lunch break or decided to take a nap after afternoon of playing together. Maybe you even entered a contest.

There are no requirements for this other than having You and your Pokemon together in the picture. As always, follow the rules of theOtaku as well. Please, no violent depictions of a bloody and rough brawl between Pokemon. I understand that battling is the purpose of the game, but it isn't meant to be a way for Pokemon to kill one another.

The three winners will have their pictures made into ecards and dedicated to them. If there is a small amount of entries (ten entries or less) then each person who entered will receive an ecard.

You've got one month, good luck and have fun!

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Pokemon Bathing ~superstarpanou
Pokemon Flight ~Bluemoon Halo
Blastoise, Go! ~theblackERspot
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