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First i shall thank you for coming to this challenge and seeing what this challenge is about. All i want you to do, is try to duplicate a Otherworlds char. The Otherworlds is a RPG world where everyone gets to pretend to have superpowers and try to save the world...or worlds in this case. If you want to know more, check it out!
Back to the compitition. Just try and draw one of the chars. Pick one, draw it, color it (optional), and then submit! It dosn't matter if the arms or disorted or the hairs flying everywhere or if it just looks plain wrong...thats kinda the spirit of the otherworlds! Ill get to what we're judging on in just a minute.
The links for the character pics are coming up.

[B]What am i judging on! Yay!

-First, im judging on how much time you put into it. If you took the pic and just copied it, then shaded it in and submitted it. Try and put a lot of time and detail into it so it shows me that you want to win!

-Second, if you color it. You'll get more credit for the pic if you color it. It dosn't matter if you've got paint and pastels or if the picture is digital, everyone has a chance to win even if you are stuck with only color pencils and crayons. (I have that! T.T), you can still win. :D

Everyone gets a chance. Dosn't matter if you went to anime art school or whatever and your the best drawer in your class, even a rookie at me who is still learning how to get fingers right can win. Im just going off of how much time and effort you put into the picture. :D

Now for the links~
Just scroll down the page if you don't see it at first. Or go back a page, (people post a lot!)


For Mia, Tessa and Victor-

For Yuuki and Ciel-

For Spati and Blue Rose-


P.S. all winners get gifts,scribes,sign and medaL!!!! YAY!!!!
If i missed your character sign up sheet, im sorry and please send me the link for it. Thanks~
Also, thanks to GhostixxHarrell who i hope will help me choose the winners. hehehe

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Yuuki~ ~Alicie
Arryl ~ Colour version! ~
Mia!! :D ~
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