Villain's Afoot!

What i'm looking for...
I'm looking for a less popular type of "evil", rather than crooks, or people who want to take over the world, more like, a silent killer from the dead, killing people for a unique perpose, or doing something that would require giant show-downs of full blown power - but more magical rather than brute force.
But don't think that means i want a bunch of random zombies using magic all over the place.
Be creative with your ideas, let yourself get carried away in the ideas~ don't just stick to the first thing that pops into your head - play with it a little.


  • Any type of villain/evil/bad guy you can think of, of any sex. It could be some random pixie with a temper to an ogre with a sweet tooth. I really don't mind so long as it isn't too typical.
    I don't mind if you choose to do just a normal person with a lust for power but if that's the case make them stand out!

  • I'm looking for DETAIL! and with that i mean, get as close as possible to how you imagine your character, keep adding more! backgrounds, settings, clothing that matches the wearer,weapon types and uniqueness! all these little things add to who wins. It doesn't matter if your a great artist or no, i just want more than a random happy little girl skipping around killing bunnies the end. gimme moar peoples! >8D
  • If your not confident in your drawing abilities, a written piece always helps when trying to show off your character, just be sure to draw something!
  • Quantity does not mean quality but if you feel the need to draw more than one person in a picture, or several pictures, then by all means do!
  • COLOUR MAKES ME A HAPPY GIRL! no really D: if you can, please do!

You'll be given 1 month to do this, so that when i get home, after holidays/vacation, i can judge/reward as quickly as possible before going on my next one 8D"
Aaaaand, i'll do any request for 1st place be that yaoi/yuri/het what ev.
and depending on how many entrants i get, there'll be a 2nd and 3rd prize too 83

sorry if this seems too long, it's my first challenge and i feel the need to write as much as possible... So get going! 8D

OKAY! Challenge done!
Thankyou all for entering or trying to! <3
Just to say the brother helped me pick so ya'll don't think i'm biassed =w=
You should all get medals... i think?

1st place = POCKY! because seriously! You made me laugh so much and it was so original and whitty, explained as well as coloured :3
You win any fully drawn/coloured pickie of w/e xp

2nd Place = Sashyfrassy! I liked the randomness and the fact that when i suggested you add a tad more info about the axe, you did and i found it hillarious x3
You win any picture drawn as a line art :3

3rd place = Sensei Ryuu! I really like how in depth you went with explaining your character~
So you win any chibi pic of choice :9

If you didn't win, it was simply because i felt there either wasn't enough info to your "villain" or it was possibly a tad too cliche, but thankyou all for entering :)

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Villain's Afoot: Heng ~XxI wuv PockyxX
Myzo Zakusan ~Sashyfrassy
Moscow ~Sensei Ryuu
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