clueless101 Animal as a human

So this challenge is pretty much what the title says. I want you to draw what you think your pet would look like as a human.Yes if they are cats they can have the tails and ears, same for any animal really. Honestly who doesn't dream of their animal being human. Well that's your challenge.

The most awesome amazing thing to a challenge...rules...

-Digital or traditional i don't care really.
-I would like them colored but you don't have to.
-Backgrounds are optional
-no completely nudity for boys being shirtless is okay.
-Follow the rules of theo
-have fun
-any questions ask
-Unlimited amount of Submissions

The winners will be posted in airlsoul and you can tell me whatever you want me to do. You guys have three months to do this challenge.

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RubberDuck4LUNCH pinkandblackcat fishbun PandaBOX mofta0211 Kamihime dreamfairy Cuppycake7 kennysama saiki2 Kaagemusha seria san imawerewolf
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Stitch & Grace ~
My cat as a human ~Bluemoon Halo
Treat? ~PandaBOX
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