wingedshadowwolf Year of the Rabbit!!!!

*Hi there everyone!*
It's that time of the year again, time for the Chinese new year!

So as one of the Zodiac sisters, I figured this would be a great second challenge. So here it goes:

Draw the most awesome zodiac picture evah!:3
You can draw animals, people, gijinkas, a new years parade, party or Fruits Basket fan art. This year is the Rabbit(or Cat) but you can also draw your year or just your favorite!

Don't know your zodiac?
This WIKIPEDIA page seems acurate.
And this ARTICLE.
This one also tells you how to say the animal name.

Adding a oriental theme is also a great idea!
Japanese kanji
(ok it's a tattoo site but you can look up your individual sign)

RULEZ: cause they rule

Follow theO rules

Pictures can be:(and everything in between)

Digital or traditional
Chibi or realism
Drawn or crafts

Also I was thinking of a wallpaper option!
Submit a resized-for-fanarts version with a link to the wallie you want entered! I will judge the wallpaper because I know what resizing will do to it.I want to see how this turns out, I haven't seen it done before.


1st Place: A gold medal, a gift, 1 fanart request and 1 line art request.
2nd Place: A gold medal, a gift and 1 fanart request
3rd Place: A gold medal, a gift and 1 e-card reguest

Everyone else: Silver medals and a gift.

Man, I'm going to be busy!

I've decided to give you guys 2 months!

If you have any questions just ask in the comments section!

*EDIT* I had a question: Are we suppose to use Chinese or Japanese characters?

You can use either, but if you specifiy which one you use that would be great!

OK another thing I forgot to add:
Challenge is open to everyone!
Unlimited entries!
And I wasn't planing to disqualify entries unless they were realy off subject or negative.

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year of de bunneh! ~Vampirisia
B u n n y E a r s ~AlexaClyne
Year of the rabbit lineart ~tavis harts
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