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Alright, time for a new challenge!

This one is kind of like a "music inspiration" challenge, only the music must be from an animated film.

1. It is NOT required for you to to draw the characters the song pertains to [though you can, if you want]. Just pick a song and draw how it makes you feel/imagine/whatever you think, really.
2. OCs, characters from any anime, manga, video game, book, movie, etc., etc., are accepted.
3. The TITLE of your drawing must be the title of the song you based it on [or, at least put the title of the song and the film it's from in the artist's comments.]
4. Use any media you want (digital, traditional, etc.)
5. As always, follow all rules.
6. The song must be from a 2-D animated film. Disregarding the challenge's title, [because "The Wonderful World of Music from Disney and Other Animated Features" would have been way too long] songs from any animated film are accepted.

Such as:
- films by Don Bluth (Thumbelina, Anastasia, etc.),
-Dreamworks ( i.e. Road to El Dorado, Prince of Egypt)
-Or any other obscure ones, like The Last Unicorn
8. Limit of 3 entries maximum.

You have one month. Have fun~!


Everyone receives a gift.
1st place: colored request
2nd place: lineart request
3rd place: sketch request

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