ReiKiba Myth/Fairy Tale

My second challenge :D

So for now, I challenge you to draw only the females with supernatural abilities from the title above: Snow Queen, dryad, the moon goddess and anymore that you could think of as long as it is what I want! / fantasy creature I suppose hehe ^^(Title is the clue of course) Aaand although I mentioned fairy tales, I don't mean to draw Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty or anything alike from disney lol.

So go creative with your arts! I would prefer it colored but it's up to you, as long as it is pretty I don't care really xD


  • Only ONE character per submission (which also means you can submit as many pieces as you want xD)
  • Create some magical/ mysterious/ happiness etc. feelings into your arts.

Must dedicate. And dedicate the work(s) to me only IF you don't have anyone to dedicate the work to.

Prizes are to be announced soon.

Well I think that's all. Two months time~ Just go creative <3 Ganbatte! <3

Any question always feel free to PM or comment~!

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Lady Of the Lake ~rosel D
taking a rainy stroll ~ecnelisterger
Tree Spirits ~yullan leibelly
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