tiggerola Brotherhood Exclusive

To see some more wonderful fan art for FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood/manga-only characters.

Draw and submit a fan art of a character that only appears in the manga/FMAB series.
Not required, but scenes, color, shading, and backgrounds are preferable.
G-rated fan arts only please.
I'm not too big on FMA shipping, so no pairings unless you run it by me first.
Please comment when you have submitted or dedicate the submission to me so I know to go look! :3

*Can you draw a picture of Ed? NO, he is in the original FMA anime.
*Can you draw Wrath? Tough one, but no. He is still the same basic character in the original FMA anime even if he is a different sin, but completely different sins like Sloth, Greed v.2, Pride in his true form, or Envy in his true form that were not seen in the original anime are acceptable.
*Then who can I draw? Any of the awesome characters that didn't make it into the original anime like: Ling Yao, Lan Fan, Fu, May Chang, Xiao Mei, Olivier Mira Armstrong, Miles, Buccaneer, Father, Zanpano, Jelso, Darius, Heinkel, etc.
*Can I include a character from the original anime? As long as they are not the focus, then okay. Like if you wanted to draw Ling and Ed in the scene where they find out they're the same age but Ling is taller and you drew Ling and wanted to add an angry ed-amoeba in the corner, that's fine.
*How about scenes that are exclusive to the manga? If a good portion of your picture focuses on manga/Brotherhood-only characters. If it's like Ed finding Al's body at the gate, then no.
*Can I add an OC? Is the OC found in Brotherhood or the manga >.> same rules apply as to original anime characters, they can be in the background but not the focus.
*Well I'm going to break the rules and spam you with Ed art cuz he's awesome buwahaha what do you say to that? >.> If your submission does not follow the rules, then I'll simply disqualify you. (If you want to draw Ed so bad, go ahead, just submit him straight to TheO, not through this challenge!)

Quality and effort, but even if you think you are not that good, feel free to enter anyway!

Every acceptable entry that makes me smile will recieve a gift! Quality isn't as important as content here, and there is not that much of a limit to how many I can give out. So give me some manga love that will get someone into Brotherhood while browsing FMA fanart and you'll most likely get a gift!

The top 3 fan arts of tasteful overall quality will get gold medals! All other submissions that meet the rules and not disqualified will get silver medals!

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