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okay, i finally decided to make a challenge. yaya for me.

so anyways, i want your doodles! well, i don't WANT them, i just want to see them. give them to me on any material that you have them on. whether it's on lined paper, computer paper, post-its, napkins, your skin or the ever so classic: school notes. i love seeing doodles people have drawn in class, especially when that subject is math or better yet, history! if you scan in something from class, you don't have to do the whole page, just crop out the useless parts, but leave enough so that i can see what subject it is.

about computer art...well, i want hand drawn doodles. i notice that all the fanciness tends to distract from the real picture but if you submit that, its fine. it probably won't raise your chances tho.

top three spots? well, i guess i'll go for the ones i like. and if you know me (which you most likely don't) my likes vary alot, so just give me which ever you think is your most interesting! for the top3, i'll ask if you want anything else, like some art from me or something, i guess :l

for anyone who enters: gifts (depending on how generous i feel, the amount can change)

~coloring not necessary~
any questions, comments? you know the drill ;]

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