Zennyxchan A day with your favorite anime character

Hey guys!!!!! 
Ive got a challange for you!!!! 
Draw a comic strip OR a picture of what you would do with your favorite anime character for a day! 
-rules for comic strip- 
It doesnt have to be a complete story it can be simple. For example. 
Panel one: you taking him or her to the mall 
Panel two: you taking him or her to the beach 
1. You can only submit ONE, so you cant submit a comic strip and a picture. 
2. Must be pg-13 
3. It can be computer generated or hand drawn. If you hand draw it please make sure i can read the speech bubbles. You can put what they say in the description if you need to. 
-rules for picture- 
1.  Must be pg-13 
2. If you are drawing a picture please put a small discription at the end telling me what you would do with him or her. 
First place-5% off any of my products (stickers, buttons, fur paws, tails etc), a gift and a picture of your favorite character. 
Second place- a gift and a picture
Third place- a gift 

EDIT: It was soooooo so so hard choosing the winners!!!! I just wanted to make everyone first place!! But thank you all for participating all your artwork is amazing!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! stay tuned for more fun challenges!!! there will be more to come very soon!

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Behind rows of nameless books ~Sweet Lullaby
a day at the park ~sky-phoenix queen
My Day with Gaara ~yuuyuu pon
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