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{ B e a u t y }

"You are so beautiful
Never forget how perfect you are."

I put the text up there, as it may be hard to read for some people on the actual eCard. The colors seemed to work nicely together, though, so I couldn't help but keep them as they are~ Official art found here.

This is a small gift I made for my darling onee-sama, who has just turned 21! I can't believe its been over a year since you became apart of my life; you're so important to me and I love you so very much that I can hardly believe I ever managed without you there before. You're always so kind, gentle, loving, and supportive. You mean absolutely everything to me and that will never, ever change. You deserve all the happiness in the world and I only wish I could have been there for your birthday, but I know that will happen soon, its only a matter of time. You are my light in the dark, and you give me a reason to keep going. Please never forget how amazing you are and just how much I adore you~

As for the card itself, its in a similar style to the other Pokemon cards I've submitted but, I'm not entirely too happy with it. I kept trying to make it look better but this is just how it turned out, so I really hope she likes it anyway. I'm not very well at all at the moment, so my graphics-making skills leave alot to be desired right now, even more so than usual. ;_;

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