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how do you do?

How do you do?
How does it feel to be so high
And are you happy?
Do you ever cry?
... I sometimes cry ...
-Shakira "How do you do?"

So I heard this song a while ago by Shakira and I loved it because I never heard her sing about such a topic and I really love the lyrics. Basically, this song asks God (a general monotheistic god) certain controversial questions and tries to humanize God in order to be able to understand him, what he does, and bring some sort of closure to what type of being God is because of the existence of pain and evil in the world. There are many controversies surrounding the type of being God is. Is he good? If so how could let evil people exist? What kind of God allows for the killings of millions of people? etc...

So for this challenge I decided not to look for images online but to pick some of the images I already have on my computer and make one into a religious card and this is one that I have always liked. I chose this one because I felt like he had this look of resignation and his hand gestures really evoke that. I also added the tears in case you didnt notice. :3 I think in general when it comes to religion, resignation or the giving up of something is very commonplace. Whether it is giving up your previous lifestyle for a new one like I have or giving up on the existence of God or other supreme entities. This line from this song really got me because someone once told me something very interesting. That God does not feel the same way we do and because of that we can't understand his ways.

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