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- Let's Dominate the World! -

LOL!~ Yes!Teen Titans!~ XD
This is my entry for the challenge "Super Heroes" by Dytah Dorojin-san!^_^
An awesome challenge!X3 Long time I don't watch "Teen Titans" in my TV...O w O
I like it!XD The episodes are funny!~ Good times!= w =

Unfortunately with my lack of time,I could not make a lot of detail in this card...T^T I'm studying hard and I get up so tired every day...
I don't write as many comments as before...TT^TT I'm so sad...Please,I hope you can undestand me...

This card is simple and basic...^_^
First,I extracted the funny image!~ XD LOL!~ Was my favorite part!XD So cool!~
"Let's dominate the World" was the first thing that came to me in the mind!XD LOL!~ XD
I made the yellow-and-orange background and after,I did the typography,with vivid colors sure!~ LOL!the colors are the highlight here!XD

Well,how can you see,simple and colorful card!^-^ I promise that my next card will be with more details!^_^

Dedication for Dytah Dorojin-san,creator of challenge!XD
I hope you like it!^_^

*~ Credits ~*

*-Artist:Tatsumin [Image from:e-shuushuu]

*-Texture: {DeviantArt}

[Oh!This credits looks so small....u_u']

Thanks so much for all the sweet words in your comments!
Is serious,that's makes me so happy!^ w ^
Thanks also for Faves and Hugs!~

Ja ne!~

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