HelloKatty (eCard Portfolio) Boredom Kills!

Boredom Kills!

yes, Boredom does kill! Proven fact!
Boredom killed me a long time ago so that makes me a zombie and that means...ITS THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!! GRAB YOUR ANTI-ZOMBIE WEAPONS!! ZOMBIE CATZ ARE GONNA KILL US ALL!! D8

I kid but you can actually die from boredom...i think...lol

lol i saw the image of Yuri and the words "boredom kills" came to my mind!
I don't care if the font, the words and brushes don't match the image! cause like i said i was bored! also i went all creative on this card! i'm letting the creative juices flow!

what was that? this card is stupid? well YOUR MOM IS STUPID!! Your Mom is so stupid she puts lipstick on her head just to Make up her mind! Your Mom is so stupid She takes a ruler to bed just to see how long she slept! So ha! 8D

In my opinion everything in the card goes together well...cause hell Yuri is bored and boredom kills! hence why i used those crazy fonts! and i used splatter brushes cause they match the font and make it less boring!

lets just say Raven tried shooting Yuri with a paintball gun, but Raven missed cause Yuri is ninja like that! >3

so this card is just different and out of the ordinary. a card i made out of boredom so i wouldn't get killed by boredom! XD

ITS ART!!!!!!!!! 8D

and yeah i added my signature on the card...just for the heck of it. I know for a fact no one is dumb enough to steal this! >3

ok, i hope people...like this. *raises eye-brow*

Dedicated to my hubby(Danni) cause like me my hubby gets bored all the time! so we're both Zombies! yay! 8D


Image: Zerochan
Brushes: DA
Fonts: dafont.com

enjoy! X3


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