Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) take it all.

take it all.

Sooooooo. Yeah. I should've been working more on my huge paper that's due monday...but I did some today already and other homework, too, and I'm just plain sick of doing school work. So I say screw it for now. But most of all, my brother was a total jerk to me tonight, and I just wanted to put some emotion into making a card instead of muddling around a business paper.

Decided to enter the Bad Romance challenge. :) I thought it ended up being pretty cryptic...the quote is actually from a song by Third Day, "Take it all." So the true meaning of the song actually is inspirational and Christian, but I ended up turning it around to be cryptic...for their relationship...with the two guys from Lamento. I'm sorry; I forget their names! ^^;; And I'm too lazy to look them up. But yeah...just in the pic it looked like the one guy Rai looked really sad or maybe even regretful. With the other guy sleeping behind him. Argh, I wish I remembered their names! XDDD So it's like WTF TAKE IT ALL? HUH? I'm not sure if this is what you want for the challenge, but oh well. Lol.

Original scan. Gradients, texture, sharpened, etc. Then the text took forever. My gwad. I've spent an hour on this. I think it's good now though. <3 Enjoy!

Lamento: Beyond the Void eCards
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