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Greetings to thee!

So actually the rules of this challenge are very simple: create an eCard... But, here's the real challenge: It doesn't matter what type you make, or what category, Just make it the best card in that type! So if you make a for fun card, make me fall of my chair from laughing. If it's a touching card, make it so touching that my neighbours can hear me cry! Well, that's it I guess... Oh yeah, wait, These are the prizes:

  • First place: A gift and two requests (cards of course)
  • Second place: A gift and one request (of course again a card :P)
  • Third place: A gift, and alas, no request... But hey, a gift anyways, isn't it??

That's it! Now go make a card as soon as you can! You've got two months to submit. Oh, and if you're a good card maker (so that means probably at least those who are first, second and third) I might even subscribe to you! I hope you're in!

/EDIT/ The number of entries is unlimited! /EDIT/

/EDIT/ All of the cards will be judged by me and ElayneMoirainn /EDIT/

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! There's a new price for every winner! A request Avatar by me, if you want!


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