Heartstop Sadness With In

Yes! my first challenge everXD.Ok i will make it as simple as i can.All you have to do is show the sadness which the character has felt or feels with in.

1.Must be from Naruto, Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Slam Dunk, Prince of tennis, God save our king, Black cat, Shonen onmyouji the young spirit master, Big wind up, Code geass, Yu Yu hakusho, Blood+, gurren lagann, Final fantasy, Deathnote (i might have forgotten to mention some anime's which are also allowed so if you need to ask me about a pacific anime you want to make it on don't hesitate to ask).
2. No limit to submition.
3.No using any bad words or pictures.
4.Try to be original(though you can use quote from net its not a compulsion).
5.Try to show the feeling of the character with the picture and the words.
6.It can be cross over also.

Those are the basics.Oh and also try to make me feel sad or cry if possible (I know its like giving mission impossible but try to)XD.If you need to ask me anything just ask away.Oh yes and if i get time xD i will give the winners each a card made by me.You have 1 month (if anyone thinks the time for the contest is less tell me and i will move it up)*prepares tissue box* I wish you all good luck!!

Finally the contest has come to an end.It was a very hard challenge to decide the winners especially the third place.It took me hours to decide.In the end the third place came down to You ARE Loved... by Support KIRA and Destined to Destroy by vksan both members hard work could be seen but i had to make a choice.In the end i felt that Destined to Destroy was a card which everyone could understand at first glimpse even if they didn't know the story and that even the villeins can feel sadness.Still I have to mention and acknowledge the hard work of Support KIRA for You ARE Loved.Thank you all for participating, you all deserve a great hand of applause *claps*.

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Goodbye ~Team Plasma N
my deepest love... kisshu ~lilmewpuddin121
Destined to Destroy ~vksan
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