aurora witch Tears

I just wanted to partcipate in a challenge which is about a serious topic and not about funny cards but i couldn't find. So decided to do it myself. Well, as the title says, all you need to do is making a card about tears. Quote you used doesn't have to include the Word "tear" or "crying" but i have to see it in the Picture.
Shortly, in this challenge, there must be at least one character that has tears on his/her eyes.

Well you have one month. There are no special rules for this challenge. You can participate in multiple times but remember, you can win just once. And you dont have to dedicate it to me.

About prizes: I didn't think about it, really. So whenever challenge ends, it will be surprise.

Well, that's it. Have a good day :)

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Love Mistake ~mystic midnight
.:50,000.:tears:. ~Judai Winchester
Please Don't Go ~kita mikichi
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