Angel Zakuro first fictional love.

Thanks to all the lovelies that entered my last challenge! It was a wonderful hit. I loved so many was hard to decide. Congrats to the winners, and congrats to those that entered cause you all gave me a tough time haha.

Now for the new challenge...

It is quite simple. Your first fictional love. There isn't anything cryptic about that. XD What character did you have a crush on early on in your life? Who was the first character that made you go OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, WHY AREN'T THEY REAL?? Lol. Or they might be real people (an actor), but you know that their character isn't. That's why this is for fictional characters, not just anime. They can be from video games, books, movies, comics, anime, tv shows, etc. etc.

Yeah, so there you go. Make a card that features one of your first (I guess it might not be your exact first cause we might not remember that far back lol) crushes. I shall give you some examples from me: my first fictional love was Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes, that's right. A little blue non-human creature. From him, I moved on to Knuckles. And then, well, THEN I moved on to Cloud and Sephiroth from FF7. Those came before any anime I watched. If I said my first anime crush, it would be between Legato from Trigun and Kenshin. So I could make a card of any of those I mentioned. So, you know, just go with a chara you loved early on.


  • Character may be from anything fictional (it isn't restricted to anime).
  • Please, in your description, tell me about this character. Why you like them or how you ended up liking them.
  • Link to your resources! At the very least, the original image/scan, pleeease!!
  • Give me quality over quantity. Limit for entries is 3 per person.
  • You do not have to dedicate this to me. If you want to, you may, but it isn't mandatory.
  • Have fun! Yes, that IS mandatory.

If you have any questions, just ask away. Thank you. <3 Good luck!

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