The Mask Tribute to Paul McCartney

(Full details updated as of May 23, 2012.)

At the end of this challenge, the contestants should be able to:
1. Select a song written and performed by Paul McCartney.
2. Show the meaning of the lyrics in the chosen song
3. Create an ecard depicting some of the lyrics of the song in a creative and appealing manner.

On June 18, 1942, in the land of Liverpool, England, Paul McCartney was born. He went on to become a member of the legendary band The Beatles in the 1960s, the leader of the hit musical group Wings in the 1970s, and a successful solo artist in the 1980s up to the present time.

With his 70th birthday fast approaching, this challenge was created. The end goal of this challenge is to pay tribute to one of the greatest living musicians of the world as he celebrates a milestone birthday. At the same time, it will also allow us to celebrate all of the great music that he has created, especially with the younger generation.

1. Select a song primarily composed by Paul McCartney.

a. The song may be a song he composed during his time in The Beatles, in Wings, or in his solo career.
b. Make sure to check if he really composed the song, or had a significant contribution in composing it. This is especially true in Beatles songs, since not all of them were composed by him. On a related note, some Beatles songs were credited to Lennon-McCartney but were primarily composed by Lennon (e.g. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds), so please avoid those songs.

2. Select some lyrics of the song that you think were the most meaningful in the song.
3. Create an ecard based on those lyrics. Be sure that the lyrics are placed inside the ecard.
4. Post it in the eCards section of theOtaku and link it to this challenge.

a. The ecard title should contain the artist and the title of the song. Examples: (1) The Beatles - Let it Be, (2) Wings - Band on the Run, (3) Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace
b. The fan art should be categorized based on the IMAGE of the anime/manga/video game/artist you used in the ECARD. Example: The ecard features an image of Naruto, so it should be categorized under the Naruto category.
c. Make sure to add the tag "paul mccartney". If necessary, please add the tags "beatles" or "wings". If necessary, please include any other singers who are credited with SINGING the song.

All submissions will be judged using the following criteria:
1. Mechanics - 10%
Selected song was primarily composed by Paul McCartney; both the artist and the title of song are present in the title; ecard placed under the proper category; all necessary tags are present in the submission

2. Functionality - 20%
Output is very usable as an online greeting card

3. Interpretation - 30%
Ecard presented a clear interpretation of the song and/or the selected lyrics

4. Artistic appeal - 40%
Ecard is very clean with no unnecessary marks; output utilized a high-quality image; text inside the ecard is free from unnecessary grammatical and spelling errors; the output, as a whole, is exceptionally appealing

An analytical rubric will be used to score the submissions. Whoever gains the highest score will win the challenge. To view the rubric, click here.

If two or more contestants share the highest score in the challenge, they will be judged once more on the basis of artistic appeal. This will also apply to a tie for second and/or third place.

There will be a maximum of three winners in the contest, but the challenge creator reserves the right to select less than three winners.

1. Do you have any suggestions on which songs to use?
Here are some songs that I suggest:

a. Blackbird
b. Getting Better
c. Hello, Goodbye
d. Here, There and Everywhere
e. Hey Jude
f. I Will
g. Let It Be
h. The Fool on the Hill
i. The Long and Winding Road
j. When I'm Sixty-Four
k. Yesterday

a. Band on the Run
b. Bluebird
c. Listen to What the Man Said
d. Live and Let Die
e. Mamunia
f. Mrs. Vandebilt
g. My Love
h. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink to Me)
i. Silly Love Songs

Paul McCartney
a. Beautiful Night
b. Coming Up
c. Ebony and Ivory (with Stevie Wonder)
d. Maybe I'm Amazed
e. No More Lonely Nights
f. Pipes of Peace
g. Wonderful Christmastime

NOTE: These suggestions will neither give you an advantage nor a disadvantage in the judgment of submissions.

Enjoy everyone!

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The Beatles- Blackbird ~reichiinya
The Beatles - Let it Be ~MFran
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