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Hello Dearies!

Once again, I decide to bore you with another one of my AHMAZING challenges, since my last one had so many great entries! Also, congrats to my winners! Please don't kill me, your gifts are still in the making.

So this time around, I wanna make it pretty easy. As if all my other challenges were hard.

It's simple: Incorporate a quote in your card.

Easy, right? Thing is, it can't be your own quote. The quote should be from someone famous or made an impact to the world. No, I'm not talking about your grandmother. Someone FAMOUS. Like George Washington or Mahatma Gandhi.
Don't understand? Here's an abundance of examples:

[ ]

OMG THATS ALL THE EXAMPLES??! Okay, it was very hard to search for them, kay? But ANYWAYS, you get ze point? FAMOUS PERSON.

What your card should have:
○A scan from MiniTokyo. Also AnimePaper if you vant.

○A quote from a famous person. THIS DOES NOT MEAN HOMER OR SPONGEBOB!

○Has teh quote from de famous person.
○Has a link towards where that quote is. This is important. If I don't see the link for the quote, then automatic disqualification.
○Credible image.
○Credit all resources.
○Unlimited entries.
BROWNIE POINTS: If quote really matches the image.

1st Place: 3 Wallies, 3 Cards, and 1 Wallie/Card

2nd Place: 2 Wallies, 2 Cards, and 1 Wallie/Card

3rd Place: 1 Wallie, 1 Card, and 1 Wallie/Card

And that's about it. Any questions, just comment or pm me. You have three months.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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