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Alright, here's the gameplan:

What I want y'all to do is come up with an e-card that features lyrics from a musical. It doesn't matter if that musical is Broadway, Disney, or a movie that can be classified in that genre; as long as "musical" is part of the classification, that's perfectly fine. Just to be extra clear on what I'm looking for, here it is:

1) The lyrics HAVE to be in the original language (I'm specifically putting this rule down for those of you that are interested in taking something from an opera; obviously, there's a fine line between the two, but sometimes that line is a little hard to see. If you don't believe me, look up Into the Woods or Porgy and Bess sometime.)

2) Whatever image you decide to use has to suppliment the lyrics in some way. Of course, if you want to use an image directly from the musical the lyrics are from, that's perfectly acceptable too.

3) In the comment area below, jot down what lyrics you used and and where they come from. If you want to mention the character and what's going on, I'll consider that bounus points.

4) Please be mindful of the rules of this site. Additionally, if you have any suspicion in your mind that the card is not in good taste, either run it with someone you trust for a second opinion or just don't post it at all.

5) And finally, seeing as this is a challenge designed around that glorious relationship between music and theater, release thy inhibitions and be as flamboyant as you dare :3

Ah, yes. You may make as many e-cards as you desire.

As for prizes...well...I'll offer up an e-card to the one who claims first-place, but other than that I've got nothing.

You have two months. Have fun everyone! ^_^

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