Literally!XD Anyway, yep, challenge involving horror movie characters and all that. I'm a sucker for anything horror. So, here's how it's gonna go down:

You pick out any character from old or new horror films. They can range from Frankenstein or Dracula, to Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, or Michael Myers. There's also Pinhead from Hellraiser, Sadako or from our American Adaption she's known as Samara Morgan from The Ring(The girl who comes out of the TV), Leatherface,Jeepers Creepers, and even the Wolfman. And the list goes on and on.

I will allow Edward Scissorhands, the movie isn't horror, but Tim Burton's style on Edward's look is acceptable. It may not win any place but you can do it as a bonus if you wish.


  • 1.) The pictures CANNOT look anime-ish! Now, it may sound odd, but I looked up pictures of Samara Morgan from the Ring and did indeed found anime-looking pics of her. Granted...it's officially from a Japanese novel. But still, it's possible. HAS TO LOOK FROM THE MOVIE!
  • 2.) Alot of horror movies have remakes. I don't care what version of the character you do, as long as they're the character it's fine. For example, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street looks different in the remake. I do not care, cause they both were great in both versions.
  • 3.) If they come up in video games, like Freddy Krueger appeared as a bonus in Mortal Combat and if you're doing him, NO DO NOT USE VIDEO GAME VERSIONS! THIS IS AN ECARD CHALLENGE FOR MOVIES!
  • 4.) You can either use quotes or if the character has a theme song with lyrics you can use those. I think Jeepers Creepers and Freddy Krueger have themes with words...others I don't know of, if you do, then awesome. Also, you can even just use words describing what they do or something. But I find quotes much easier. but if the character doesn't speak then it'd be best to use words that describe the character in a way.
  • 5.) No limit. Limit to how many entries is completely up to you.
  • 6.) Characters can be from ANY HORROR FILM. Ranging from classics to comedy horror such as Gremlins or Chucky! Any horror film, people!
  • 7.) They have to be the main horror characters. They cannot be the people who are freaked out or anything. The characters we remember, the ones who are doing the freaking out, are the ones you put in your eCards.
  • 8.) If it's just some creepy character, you can make a card of them. Anyone remember the girl from Poltergeist? You can use her cause she's so innocently creepy.
  • 9.) You can use creepy kids. Like that kid from Pet Semetary or the kids from Children of the Corn.
  • 10.) If you want to do a card with zombies from a zombie movie be my guest. By all means, do that. As long as the image is from the movie itself.
  • 11.) In the description, I want you to put who the character is and what movie they're from as well as why exactly you chose them for the eCard. Doesn't even have to be a big reason. You can just say 'Cause I think they're cool'. Or something. Also, put the words you put in the eCard in the description, please. THIS IS OPTIONAL. Though I'd like words in the eCard in the description cause sometimes the typography is hard to read. If I can read it, I won't disqualify it. If I can't, I may just tell you and whether you edit your description is up to you. Even if this rule is optional, I'd still like it if people did this. I'm curious. And if you choose a character I don't know about, I'd wanna know who it is or where he/she came from. I'm always willing for new horror discoveries.
  • 12.) Have fun and ask me questions if you have any.

As for prizes...probably a gift or two...or maybe a writing request or a drawing of the horror character you chose...Basically, haven't decided yet.

I give this challenge 2 months. Good luck.

P.S.: Though I won't like it...someone can do Pennywise from It...If they wish to creep me out a little. It's your own decision if you choose that freakish clown or not. So feel free. I may just make that a winner if it freaked me out enough.

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