Because I'm stupid

Hello everyone! Happy New Year :). I hope you're hoping a great star so far.
This my second challenge. I want thanks everyone who participated my first, I hope to see more people in this one!

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Because I'm stupid... I don't mean intelligence of course by saying stupid. Stupid more mean keep doing something or holding something while you know it's wrong or it won't happen. For example: I keep hoping and believing that my dreams will come true, knowing it's impossible (for me at least). yet I don't just tell myself to forget it. I still live in the my own dream world. I think I'm very stupid for this 'cause it keep hurting me.

That's what you have t do here, create a card about something make you feel that you're stupid, it can be loving someone you'll never be with, doing something you recognize that it's wrong yet keep doing it. Or it can be a past mistake such as not listening to others' advice and you knew they were right. Of course your card can be any other thing from these :)

1- only anime/manga,real life (real persons)
2- Give credits if possible,or at least link to the original image.
3- No Yaoi/Yuri.
4- Do not dedicate your card to me.
5- Write a description about what makes you feel stupid if possible, if it's too personal, you can make it vague.
6- Please credit if you used a quote or a song lyrics.
7- Anyone can join.

I would suggest the limit for the entries is only three. But if you'd like to help us in the Challenge Slam, feel free to submit as many as you like. Though I don't think that would happen in my challenge... :)

For any questions please comment or PM me.

Best of luck!

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