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My, Oh my...... ^^
I had a hard time on choosing the winners in my previous challenge^^ although I also had a good time^^
I was so happy that everyone that participated followed my rules^^
By the way, Thank you to all card makers who joined my previous challenge!
You're all winners to me^^ And to the real winners, Congratulations^^

Ahhhhh! Enough for that *angry*
Let's start my new challenge up!

-A pleasant evening/ day to all.....
Yes, this is my second challenge...
I made this challenge coz, I can't think of any kind of pastry that would fit onto this winter and fall season... Well, never mind that......

Pastries. Ahhhh~ *breathes with a sigh of relief* It's obviously about breads, cakes, etc... and something like those...
What I want you to do is: I want you to make a card featuring the pastries/pastry that you want or maybe your favorite one.After you already made the card, you must tell/ explain, "Why did you chose that picture? Do you remember something because of that certain image? Why did you liked/chose that kind of pastry?" and others questions like that...Just tell me why did you picked that picture... And if you want, you may also add the recipe^^

Here's some examples:,,,

- No Yaoi or Yuri
- Fan Arts are not allowed
- Don't steal others' works
- No repetition of images
- No repetition of titles
- Follow TheO's rules(as usual...Do I still have to say that?^^ I'm just kidding)
- Please tell what's the name of the certain pastry that you have chose/ what is the pastry is called?.....
- Please give me the link of the image you have picked
- Please put your usernames at the bottom of the card
- As much as possible, I don't want to see pictures that are not edited. So please don't only crop the image then you'll just slap the words on it and then pass it to me... Please, please don't do that. ^^" I really wanna see beautiful edited images as long as you can... please^^"
- Dedicate it to me if you want^^
- Maximum of 3 cards only

Since winter will sooner be changed by fall, I'll just be giving you 1 month to make the cards... I'm so sorry for the inconvenience that I have gave to you^^"
I'll be waiting for those members that will give some recipes^^ *laughs silently*

Anyway, if you have any questions regarding this matter, please PM me quickly...

That's all...
Thank you for participating and I hope that many members will join my card challenge^^

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Confection ~Morbid Dollie
butler + high tea ~smoking crimson
Desserts Galore ~Aria Sky
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