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Ok…second challenge…and yeah…let’s do that again…

Ok! Second challenge (but first card challenge) and what holiday is coming up? Bingo! Christmas (You did guess it right… right?) is on the way! So we wanted to make a short, short, short, cold (no just kidding), short challenge.
I want you to find a Christmas song or famous songs about Christmas, take a part of the lyrics, and create a card to match the part you’ve chosen.

Starlit Days’ Card

Rules (You got to love ‘em)
1. No yaoi or yuri
2. Follow the TheO rules
3. Only songs related to Christmas! I don’t want to see some rock songs just because they added the word snow inside!
4. Dedicate it to me or StarlitDays so we can easily find them
5. Please link as much as possible! We’d like to see how much you’ve changed it.
6. Have fun! Or you’ll regret it. Kidding! But seriously.

1. How well it goes with the song (Please, we don’t want to see someone eating turkey at the line ‘Around the Christmas tree’ OK?)
2. As many entries as you want! (Of course only one artwork of yours will win)
3. How much effort and change in it. We wouldn’t just want you to slap the lyrics onto a picture and submit it in.
4. Christmas spirit! (Again, don’t just add the lyrics and please make sure the song is a Christmas song!)

Others (That you should know about)
1. Judges will be my OCs, StarlitDays and I (Mystery judge is on break)
2. This challenge was actually made by Starlit, I just published it. (In fact she typed the whole challenge, which I regretted <-(She corrected me on that) …sigh…)
3. Starlit will do most of the prizes

First place: Medal, 3 gifts, a wallpaper, card and (colored) fan art of your choice!
Second place: Medal, 2 gifts, and 2 cards and a wallpaper of your choice!
Third place: Medal, 1 gift, and 2 cards of your choice!
Everyone will get a gift for entering~

OK one month people! Please send all the requests to StarlitDays!

Edit: ok people this is not my second challenge, infact Star wants to post a challenge but she can’t so I help…so here it is and no it’s not my second challenge and not my first card challenge

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Believe ~Team Plasma N
Holidays at Home ~Aria Sky
Fairytale of New York ~Ellenor Mererid
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