Smile, it’s the {apocalypse}

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

Welcome to my first ever e-card challenge, “Smile, it’s the apocalypse.”

The thought behind this challenge is somewhat simple: make a card using an apocalyptic image. Easy, correct? But here is the catch, it can’t be an intense fire and brimstone scan. I am looking for a different type of judgment day. A sort of, “I woke up, and was the only one left. I made friends with the monsters and wore my gasmask with pride.” feeling to it. This may not make sense to some people so I’ll give some examples.


In other words, look for lonely scans, with warlike elements.


-Two entries per person.
-Please link all resources.
-If quote is used, credit the origin.
-Use correct spelling and grammar
-No yaoi, yuri or sexual material please- it doesn’t have to happen folks.
-Open to all users
-Have fun. Seriously.

Your favorite part everyone FREE STUFF.

First place: Card and six icons

Second place: Six icons

Third place: Four icons

Questions? Comment or PM me, I’m a wonderful person to talk to! *shot*

You have two months.


Well done everyone~ I am stunned by the lovely works you have made.

Honorable Mentions:

-The Catalyst: BabyD (2 icons)
-Today I smiled: Ritona Raito (2 icons)
-Myself: Dark Flame 3479 (2 icons)

Winners listed Below.

5 members Favoritefavorite
dusktilldawn713 Sarah K0583 Kaagemusha segunda etapa Kisala
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16 entries
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Challenge completed
Brooklyn Bulls ~kisskiss-bangbang
.when the dead rises. ~Kami-chan.x3
[waiting.] - Where are you? - ~Hanaro Souhi
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